We’ve experienced firsthand Greg’s innovation and insight into technology. He pioneered the use of the iPad and iAnnotate PDF for script reviews at [H]OUSE and he introduced us to its potential in film and television production. Greg worked with us when our app was in a rudimentary phase and he guided its development with his astute feedback. We’ve since watched the iPad and our app become industry standards, long after Greg started the trend.

- Ravi Bhatt
CEO of Branchfire

Working with Greg on the musical dream sequence for House was probably one of my most favorite creative projects. It was my first time stepping into directing for camera that wasn’t an actual stage. Greg pushed me in ways that were uncomfortable yet completely necessary for my growth as an up and coming director. He guided every step of the way and we created something completely original and special for television.

- Mia Michaels
Choreographer and Director

May 17, 2010  was truly a turning point for Canon USA and redefined how TV could be made. Director Greg Yaitanes did what no show had yet done. They found a unique and innovative way to use the Canon 5D Mark II to shoot an entire episode of a major dramatic TV series. The series was House M.D. and the episode called Help Me. That episode was the day Canon moved from “camera and video manufacture” to a “Digital Cinema Company". It was a game changing message for producers, directors and DP’s to start thinking out side the box and to start thinking how to use technology not just to capture a story but how to use it to better tell the story.

- Timothy Edward Smith
Canon Advisor, PE&S, Film & Television Production
Associate Member American Society of Cinematographers

To be honest, I really thought Greg would reject the idea (of shooting the finale on the $2,500 Canon 5D)... it was risky, it was unproven, it had never been used to shoot an entire episode of anything on television.

When Greg said "Let's go for it"... I think I had a frozen smile on my face... it was terrifying and exciting at the same instant. When the news got out to the industry... there were so many nay-sayers, that said it would never work... but once we started seeing the magical dailies and rough assemblies from our editors... we knew we had made the right choice, and in the end it was acclaimed by the industry.

- Gale Tattersall
Director of Photography

Innovation requires a voice to challenge convention and method. On the Fox television series Drive, Greg challenged production, talent, the studio, and post to create a scene that seemed simple, yet incredibly complex. The oner, brought the characters together dramatically across the highway. As conceived by Greg, it created an entirely new point of view in cinema, a free camera uninhibited by physics, motivated by action and story. I love the art of storytelling, Greg innovates the craft of storytelling, and in this case that led us to an Emmy Nomination.

- Loni Peristere
Executive Creative Director, Zoic Studios

I am particularly proud that our post production sound crew has won the Hollywood Post Alliance award for Best TV Sound for the last two years. Unlike the Emmys which honor one aspect of sound (editing or mixing) the HPA award recognizes the entire post sound team. It’s that small highly motivated team concept that we were able to create with our executive producer Greg Yaitanes. Perhaps our biggest innovation is that we have a conference table where the picture editors, sound supervisor, and re-recording mixer all eat lunch together. In post, there is so much work done in dark isolated rooms, it’s important to step out and interact with the other people working toward the same goal.

- Allen Marshall Palmer

Working with Greg on House has meant a number of things to me. As a feature director, this experience has defied all my expectations of what doing TV would be all about. I haven’t just received an enormous amount of creative freedom as a director, it has been positively encouraged and that feels like a rare thing. And of course he looks like me.

- Miguel Sapochnik

It all started from a skate edit that caught the attention of Greg Yaitanes. He emailed me saying how him and the gang at House all loved the “Bittercold” piece and asked if I shot it on the 5D. At that time I had no clue who Greg Yaitanes was or that House was a TV show. I thought it was just a dude in a House that liked my video ahaha. I just simply replied with a “thank you for taking the time to watch my video and yes I shot it with a 5d.

A few months later I received an email from Gale Tattersal, the DP for House. From his email, I realized who Greg Yaitanes was and the magnitude of the emails. A few weeks later I was on the set helping shoot the teaser!! Having my work featured on House is definitely the highlight of my career. They basically opened their door and since then its opened a room full of others. From being featured on the most popular DSLR forums ( ( to shooting for CSI: Miami, working with Gale Tattersal at his workshops and getting gear sponsors Cinevate and Glidecam.

- Vinny Minton
Imperial Video Productions
Professional skater turned professional cinematographer

My passionate hobby to edit [H]ouse videos took a turn the day I received an email from Greg Yaitanes asking me if I would be interested in working on some short videos for him and Hugh Laurie.

It has been an amazing experience to collaborate with creative and talented people such as Greg. I will never forget the opportunity Greg gave and continues to give with the enthusiastic interest he has about my work. More importantly it allowed me to have more confidence in my editing since I’m not a professional.

- Mélanie D’anna
Graphic designer and editor

The InHouse iPhone/iPad app was created with Greg Yaitanes for the House fan with the sole purpose of giving them behind-the-scenes access to their favorite medical drama. Unlike most entertainment apps, this app is not only free, but features completely new content coinciding with each new House episode.

Creating the InHouse app was a challenge on many levels, because several of its features, including the app-based series, had never been developed for an app before. With a lot of hard work, some trial and error, and top-notch support from Apple in Cupertino, we were able to create a truly unique content-driven experience that fans can enjoy week-after-week.

- Geoffrey Colo
Producer of New Media House

Greg Yaitanes believes with messianic fervor in the director's capacity to unleash a script's greatest potential. As a director, a producer, a showrunner, as a senior member of the DGA and the international media community Greg has committed himself to fostering, promoting and protecting the director's unique contribution to the creative process.

He marshals every technological, logistical, managerial and creative asset to aid himself and every director he works with to bring his or her best game to the table. At the Directors Guild of Canada we believe this approach is the wave of the future, as more and more of our director-members assume producing functions on top series. We were thrilled when Greg offered to share his methods and insights with us at a recent dedicated symposium in Toronto and look forward to keeping the conversation alive in the years to come.

- Tim Southam
Director, House, Bones
Chair, National Directors Division,
Directors Guild of Canada

It's so hard to find successful directors who also understand that supporting the efforts of the up-and-coming director (through work with the DGA) can make a huge difference in people's careers, and lives.

Greg is one of those guys.

Through the Creative Rights Committee, to our new Producer/Director Program, and even with the DGA's Political Action Committee, Greg has put himself on the line to extend that hand to the next gal or guy. I have great admiration for him, because this is stuff no one has to do -- no one gets paid, no one gets more than an occasional attaboy. Greg does it anyway, and in so doing, makes us all proud.

- Paris Barclay
President of the Directors Guild of America

Few things have a greater reward than mentoring the next generation of filmmakers. I’ve had the privilege of working with Julian Higgins after he won the student Emmy for his short film "Thief" and he came to direct an episode of House for me. Katie Lovejoy is a brilliant new voice in screenwriting who adapted the New York Times best seller "The Spellman Files", bringing to life a pilot that we pitched to ABC last year. Ted Saunders' short film "Oh the Places You'll Go (at Burning Man)" went viral with nearly two million views. Ben Grayson's ambitious short film "Prodigal" starring Kenneth Branagh has been sweeping the awards circuit. David Wong's hip music videos, spec commercials and his thriller "Water for Power" are the sign of a man on the rise.

These new faces are both friends and bright talents. I'm excited to be part of their growth.

- Greg Yaitanes